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Tom Kelleher


B.A (hons) in Economics and Politics, M.A (hons) in International Trade European Studies and Econometrics

Tom Kelleher is an economist with an honours masters degree in economics and a very experienced international development consultant. He has worked in over 50 countries in all parts of the world. He joined Shannon Development in 1968 as a Research Assistant. From there he progressed to Research Officer and Project Development Manager.

During thirteen years with Shannon Development, he worked on the company's regional industrial plans and rural development initiatives as well as the company's investment promotion and overall corporate strategy. Since leaving Shannon Development he conducted feasibility, strategy, and implementation studies for free zone, investment promotion, and regional development agencies throughout the world. He has been employed on numerous occasions by various United Nations organisations and the World Bank.

In addition he worked on projects funded by the African Development Bank, the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the EBRD, the Irish Government, and bi-lateral funding programmes. Over the years he has successfully led study teams in many parts of the world on a range of subjects including free zones, industrial parks, industrial development, promotion strategies, SME studies and rural development programmes.

Tom is the Managing Director of Shannon International Development Consultants, a Garland sister company.


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