Update on the work being undertaken by the Concrete Blocks Expert Panel

Mar 10, 2017

An expert panel was established by the Minister of State for Housing, Planning and Co-ordination of Construction in 2016 to investigate the problems that have emerged in the concrete blockwork of certain dwellings in Donegal and Mayo. This expert panel was charged with establishing, insofar as it was possible, the number of dwellings affected, the nature of these problems and to propose technical solutions for remediation in order to assist the parties directly involved. The panel has now finalised its report and it is with the Minister for his review.

Noel Kane, GARLAND Chairman, was one of the experts appointed by the Minister to this panel. Noel has spent significant time in Donegal and Mayo over the last year participating in a consultation process with affected homeowners, public representatives, product manufacturers and other relevant parties.

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