Solas stops issuing “Letters of Comfort” for Safe Pass course attendees

Jun 11, 2019

On Friday 10th May, SOLAS advised its Approved Training Organisations to stop issuing letters of comfort to Safe Pass Course attendees. This was in response to fake letters circulating in the industry. However, as a result, personnel who have completed the course have reported difficulties in accessing sites. In response Solas have taken a number of actions to reduce the time between the course being completed and issue of the card including increasing the number of card production runs to twice weekly and improving communication with approved training organisations.

But, even with these improvements the delivery time for the cards will be between 7-14 days. The Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee (CSPAC) are developing a standard template to confirm completion of a programme in this 7 – 14 day period which is to be circulated to the approved training organisation for use as temporary confirmation of completion. CSPAC will also be issuing advice for determining forgeries.

The Construction Industry Federation has advised that it is the responsibility of the person presenting the document to confirm its veracity, and has encouraged existing card holders to organise renewal well in advance to avoid delay.

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