GARLAND at Hellasco Conference, Athens

Dec 12, 2019

'To be successful nowadays, rather than imitate past models it's more worthwhile to innovate and concentrate our efforts on achieving what our competitors are not yet doing. Avoid the crowd and focus on the white space.'

This was GARLAND's CEO Kevin Rudden's advice to the Hellasco Conference in Athens on 26-27th September.

The conference, with an international attendance of lecturers and speakers, discussed a range of issues such as the capabilities of the national economy to attain infrastructure and development projects, new financing model, new fields of activity including adaptation to climate change, infrastructure maintenance, “smart cities” and “smart transport”, urban regeneration, green energy, water management, the UN objectives for sustainable development, the 4th industrial revolution and the new digital age, as well as challenges and opportunities for extrovert activity.

Challenging the industry to have the courage to transform, to abandon preconceived frameworks, Kevin encouraged organisations to embrace new models and try new experiences as an industry and society. 

He noted the many challenges and obstacles there would be as industry tried to reconcile future trends with the legal, regulatory and liability precedents which have both constrained and protected organisations for many years.

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