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New FIDIC / EFCA agreement signed in Geneva

Dec 12, 2019


GARLAND CEO and EFCA President Kevin Rudden was delighted to witness the signing of the new FIDIC / EFCA Agreement at the FIDIC Board Meeting in Geneva on Thursday 5th December.

The existing agreement between FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consulting Assocations) expires on the 31st December 2019.

Both organisations have been involved in negotations for months to formulate a new agreement to best represent the FIDIC member associations in Europe and the EFCA member associations.

This new agreement has been developed to ensure consistency across  EFCA and FIDIC policies and products, and to avoid overlaps and unnecessary duplication. This will ensure maximum efficiency to their actions and provide maximum value for Member Associations that are paying subsicriptions to both oganisations.

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