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In 1919, Thomas A. Garland returned to Ireland having spent four years with the Royal Engineers during World War One. As part of the Inland Water Transport Division stationed in France, Thomas was involved in the construction of large timber wharves as part of a strategic barge project to relieve pressure on French Railways transporting materials and ammunition.

On his return to Ireland, Thomas attended the Royal College of Science (University College Dublin) and graduated as an Engineer in 1923. He spent time in Borneo as an Engineer on the construction of the State Railways and then moved to Calcutta University as Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. During his time in India he was also attached to the East India Railway. In 1933 he accepted a post in the Engineering Department of University College Dublin.

Thomas Garland spent many successful years lecturing in University College Dublin, educating and imparting his knowledge to the next generation of Irish engineers. He also lectured on structural engineering to the Department of Architecture. In 1937, Thomas’ interests attuned back to his origins on the practical side of Engineering and he founded a civil and structural engineering consultancy. Established on his exemplary knowledge of engineering and his international experience, the consultancy quickly developed a reputation for innovation, reliability and a common sense approach to resolving client's problems.

On the back of his hard work and success Thomas A. Garland expanded the company and in the 1950’s created a Partnership – Garland (previously known as Thomas Garland & Partners). In 1968 the consultancy opened a regional office in Limerick to serve the growing demand for civil and structural engineering services in the Mid-West of Ireland.

Providing services from its two bases in Ireland, Garland continued along its successful path in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It built upon an already extensive portfolio and was responsible for the design of Industrial Estates, Industrial Parks, Urban and Trunk Roads, Bridges, large Industrial and Institutional Buildings, Aircraft Hangers, Water and Sewage Treatment Plants and substantial Civil Engineering projects. Through its association with Shannon Development, Garland provided civil and structural engineering expertise as part of multi-disciplinary teams carrying out feasibility studies for industrial parks and free zones in a number of developing countries.

In 1989 a subsidiary company, Garland Ormond International, was founded to undertake civil and structural engineering work overseas and to expand the use of the extensive skills, which had been developed in these disciplines. Since its incorporation Garland Ormond International has been involved in civil and structural engineering projects in over 27 countries worldwide spanning Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, South America and the Caribbean. The company has worked alongside some of the biggest international organisations such as: The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, The European Union, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. Garland Ormond International is now incorporated into the single banner of Garland.

From 2000 onwards the company continued to progress both at home and abroad. In 2003 Garland acquired Douglas Baxter Associates in Waterford. The acquisition of Douglas Baxter Associates provided Garland with a company of similar values and further strengthened the consultancy’s position in the south east of Ireland.

Another important milestone came in 2003, when Garland established Shannon International Development Consultants (SIDC) in conjunction with Tom Kelleher. The new wing of the consultancy harnesses the unique economic development experience and expertise of the Shannon Region and delivers a range of consultancy services to the international development community.

The advent of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2006 brought about many significant changes and challenges to the Industry. Garland faced the challenge head on with the formation of a Safety Management Consultancy in 2007 to fuse safety and health with a sound and practical engineering philosophy.

In 2011 Garland partnered with three other Irish consultancy services of different disciplines to create Pivotal International . The joint venture primarily serves Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region, and further expands the scope and international presence of Garland.

The consultancy has grown substantially from the original dream of Thomas A. Garland. Today at Garland we still operate under the same core values. in which the company was created. We aim to continue its growth and build upon its substantial legacy.

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