Garland staff take part in Movember

Dec 03, 2018


Following on from the success of our bake sale in September to take part in Ireland's Biggest Coffee Morning to raise money for Irish hospices, Garland have decided to take part in Movember to raise money for Jonah Murphy. Jonah Murphy is a cousin of a Garland employee.

Jonah was diagnosed during his 20 week scan with a very rare heart condition which meant that only half of his heart developed. There is no cure or fix for this condition, his distraught parents were told that he would need 3 surgeries just to keep him functioning to adult heart function and if successful he would then require a transplant as a teen. He had his first surgery at 4 days old. Slowly Jonah started to defy the odds, having lost his swallow reflex he actually taught himself how to swallow tiny little pieces of puréed fruit, he began to interact, he smiled, he laughed, he responded to touch and stimuli and in March 2016 he sat up unaided, defying every odd that was stacked against him. Armed with these huge developments Jonah’s parents returned to the neuro team to show them what he was capable of. Amazed at his progress they conceded that Jonah was in fact a candidate for surgery, and in April 2016 Jonah got his life saving emergency surgery just in time as his previous temporary shunt was now too small for his growing body. 

6 Garland employees have sported impressive moustaches for the month of November to raise money, and a bake sale featuring a moustache themed cake also took place on the 22nd of November. So far €965 euro has been raised towards Jonah's medical care. 


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