Increase in Electric Car sales in Ireland

Mar 26, 2019

Increase in Electric Car sales in Ireland

A recent report by Statista highlights that 1.57% of new passenger car sales in Ireland in 2018 were on plug-in electric vehicles. While this number seems small it is enough to put Ireland in the top 20 countries with the highest share of plug-in electric vehicles as a percentage of new car sales.

The same report mentions Norway surging ahead with almost half (49.14%) of new car sales of the plug-in electric variety. Second is Iceland with 19.14%. The share of electric vehicles was below 5% for all but four markets in 2018.


However, more recent reporting in the Irish Examiner suggests the electric vehicle market is showing strong growth in 2019. As of March 2019 there have been almost as many electric cars sold so far this year as during the whole of 2018 with 1,129 registered in the first two months of this year, in comparison with 1,233 for the entirety of 2018. This represents a staggering 542% increase on the same period of last year.

Brian Cooke of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry remarked that this increase can be attributed to a concerted effort by all stakeholders, “by the industry in supplying more, new electric vehicles with greater travel range; by the Government through the generous taxation and other incentives; and by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) with their grant scheme”.

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