New South Stand Opens at Tallaght Stadium

Mar 26, 2019

New South Stand opens at Tallaght Stadium

We are proud to have provided Civil & Structural Engineering services on this project which provided a third, 2160 capacity stand for the stadium for Shamrock Rover’s football club. This stand is constructed from precast concrete rafters with structural steel bracing and purlins support a metal deck roof to match the existing stands.

South Stand Tallaght Stadium

As you can imagine, the project was on a very tight timescale in order to be completed for the upcoming football season. Commenting on the new stand, which is to house the hardcore fan, or “singing section”. Head Coach Stephen Bradley said “I think the new south stand is going to be a positive, having our fans there.” He continued: “If you think back throughout the years, it's stands behind the goal that fans fill and when teams are shooting into it, it always gives them that extra edge and the will to go and score. It'd be great to see a full stand and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

We are delighted to report that he was right: the new South Stand, which was wedged full of fans for Shamrock Rovers’ first home match of the season saw Shamrock Rovers beat Derry City 2-0, and they haven’t lost a home match yet this season!

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