Building Control now linked to Planning Compliance

Jul 08, 2021

In a recent departure, Dublin City Council have recently started to check that all pre-commencement planning conditions have been fully complied with prior to validating Commencement and 7 Day Notices. Consequently this has resulted in numerous commencement notices and seven day notices being invalidated. We are also informed that the same checking process may be applied to Completion Notices.

Dublin City Council have advised “The commencement notice is part of a broad suite of controls which regulate the development of the built environment. Where planning permission is required for a development it is necessary to have final planning consent in place before development commences. This often involves complying with conditions which may be attached to a provisional or conditional grant of planning permission. To commence work without having complied with ‘pre-commencement’ conditions may constitute unauthorised development and could prejudice the validity of the overall grant of planning permission itself. The Building Control Authority cannot endorse a development commencing which does not enjoy final planning consent”.

 Planning Compliance


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