Educational Projects Streamlined Under New Regulations

Jul 08, 2021

 PETER BURKE, Minister of State at the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, has recently introduced the PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACT 2000 (EXEMPTED DEVELOPMENT) REGULATIONS 2021.  (

School Regulation Changes


The main purpose of these regulations is to streamline the delivery of educational projects by providing an exemption to obtain planning permission for temporary school accommodation where;
• The structure shall not be erected for more than a 5 years.
• The gross floor area of such structure shall not exceed 30% of the gross floor area of the existing school.
• No such structure shall exceed two storeys.
• The minimum distance to a boundary shall comply with the regulations
• Such structure shall comply with the Department of Education Primary and Post Primary Technical Guidance Documents for the time being in force.

The regulations also increase the existing exemption under CLASS 57 for extensions to schools from 160m2 up to 210m2, whilst limiting the use of the exemption to just once.

These exemptions do not impact Building Regulation requirements and the requirement to obtain a Fire Safety Certificate and Disability Access Certificate remains unchanged.

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