GARLAND Pledge to Net Zero

Dec 21, 2021

GARLAND understand the role that engineering will play in delivering a sustainable future for us all. We are conscious of ensuring our decisions and designs have the most positive environmental effects possible.

Through signing the Paris Agreement, nations recognised the urgent need to address climate change and committed to limit global temperature rises to well below 2⁰C of pre-industrialised levels by 2050. This has been hugely important, but we now need to ensure that this ambition is realised - with organisations playing a huge role. Currently, more than four-fifths of the world’s largest companies are unlikely to make the reductions necessary to meet the target.

 The 'Pledge to Net Zero' campaign has been established to commit organisations from the built environment sector to take a leadership role in the transition to a Net Zero carbon economy.

 GARLAND are therefore very pleased to announce our commitment to the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland's Pledge to Net Zero, a partner to the United Nations’ Race to Zero Campaign.

 COP26 showed the importance of taking greater action. There is, therefore, no better time for organisations in our sector to sign up and showcase our commitment!

 Pledge signatories commit to:

  • Set and commit to deliver a greenhouse gas target in line with either a 1.5°C (encouraged) or well below 2°C climate change scenario – covering buildings and travel as a minimum.
  • Publicly report greenhouse gas emissions and progress against this target each year.
  • Publish one piece of research/thought-leadership each year on practical steps to delivering an economy in line with climate science and in support of net zero carbon. Alternatively, signatories may choose to provide mentoring and support for smaller signatory companies in setting targets, reporting and meeting the requirements of the pledge.

By registering for this commitment, GARLAND join the group of leaders in the built environment sector taking strong actions to mitigate the most significant impacts of climate change.

With ACEI support, our aim is to achieve Net Zero in operational GHG emissions by 2030. We look forward to working with the ACEI to establish our route to reducing our emissions and ultimately achieve Net Zero.

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