GARLAND to Implement a 9-Day Fortnight

Jul 08, 2022



As a company, GARLAND are constantly looking at innovative ways to effect change. We strive to lead from the front, from client service delivery to ensuring we have the best workplace culture.

GARLAND values its people, and our culture and ethos reflect this. We recognise that work-life balance is a vitally important key to retaining happy and healthy staff and in the spirit of this, GARLAND are proud to announce that we are moving to a 9-day fortnight commencing on the 15th July. 

 A 9-day fortnight simply put means that staff will work the same amount of hours, however this will be condensed over 9 days instead of 10 allowing them to take every second Friday off. This in turn will lead to an extra 26 days off a year! While the benefits to our people are obvious, we also believe that this new initiative will lead to higher levels of service delivery with even more energy, efficiency and productivity.

Those on the scheme at GARLAND are split into two teams; A and B. Team A takes the first Friday off and B the next. That way, every role or department in the organization always has a contactable representative on Fridays. In this way we can improve work-life balance for our staff while continuing to deliver our service ‘The GARLAND Way’ for our valued clients. Project timelines and deadline dates will remain the same and continue to be our priority.

 Research has shown that the implementation of a 9-day fortnight increases productivity and flexibility, and most importantly happiness in the workplace and GARLAND are proud to say that our team’s wellbeing is a main priority for us. 

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