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Airside Business Park

As a consultant, the only way you can be certain of a client's satisfaction with your service is when they invite you to design another building for them. It is the ultimate compliment.

In the 1980’s Garland designed a manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Swords on the outskirts of Dublin for Amdahl. In the 1990’s as the computer manufacturing industry changed, Amdahl moved away from manufacturing in Swords and a new head office was sought in the immediate area.

In 1996, The Daly Group was about to commence work on a new Science and Technology Business Park, adjacent to Dublin Airport, known as Airside. The Daly Group offered to provide a purpose designed corporate headquarters for Amdahl in their new business park. Amdahl agreed and brought their long-standing design team to design the new facility. In paying Garland the ultimate compliment, a new relationship was formed with the Daly Group.  The 4,200m2 Amdahl Building became the flagship of the Airside development. A structural steel frame with precast concrete slabs was utilized for the superstructure. Glazed curtain-walling, metal cladding and monocouche rendered block-work formed the envelope of the building. A package sewerage treatment plant was installed and surface water from the site was attenuated in two ponds located within the development.

Work immediately commenced on Phase Three of the Airside Business Park. Three two-storey office blocks of 1,712m2 were designed with under-croft car-spaces. A new 1km road was designed to facilitate access to the new development. These buildings were soon occupied by such clients as Ingersoll Rand, Dalkia and the Health Services Executive.

Following the upgrade of the Fingal County Council treatment plant in Swords, Garland redesigned the foul sewerage infrastructure to decommission the existing treatment plants on site and divert all effluent to the new local authority facility.

Each phase of the Airside development was bigger and more ambitious than the previous. Phase 4 was no exception. The first building in the phase involved the construction of a five-storey 6,603m2 reinforced concrete structure utilising flat slabs. Precast re-constituted stone panels were used to clad the building. A basement car park was incorporated into the development. This building is fully occupied by Allied Irish Banks. Building 2 was designed as a 9,465m2 building with a basement car parking for 235 cars. Extensive brise-soleils were adopted on both these buildings to create aesthetically sophisticated structures.

Overall Garland were responsible for the Civil and Structural Design of eight buildings totalling 31,374m2 with 1174 car-spaces including 393 at basement level. It is the story of relationships developed and maintained by Garland, and it is what we do best.

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