ALAT Free Economic Zone

  • ALAT Free Economic Zone
  • ALAT Free Economic Zone
  • ALAT Free Economic Zone
Project: ALAT Free Economic Zone
Completion Date: Ongoing
Client: State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Project Value: Confidential
Services Provided: Masterplanning, Civil & Structural Engineering, Economic Development
Project Size: 8,500,000m²
  • ALAT Free Economic Zone
  • ALAT Free Economic Zone
  • ALAT Free Economic Zone

Project Description

The ALAT Free Economic Zone in Baku, Azerbaijan, at approximately 8,500,000m2, is a massive industrial development designed to encourage trade in the area and foster an entrepreneurial mind-set in future generations.

Azerbaijan’s ongoing development of its non-oil sector is seen as crucial in ensuring future economic growth. The intention of this strategy is to move the economy from its traditional dependence on Oil/Gas and is embedded in the Government’s Vision 2020 document which highlights six main goals or objectives:

  • Diversify the economy
  • Modernise the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Develop and Adopt Innovations
  • Increase Quality of Human Development
  • Protect the Environment
  • Ensure WTO Entry

One major pillar to diversify and stimulate economic growth will be the attraction and development of new value-added and manufacturing activities including Foreign Direct Investment(FDI). The focus is to be primarily on export orientated activity, with real added value in the local economy with a spin off in terms of jobs and wealth creation. While the government of Azerbaijan has already developed a number of industrial parks and zones, none of these zones have a clear export orientation.

The Alat Free Economic Zone (AFEZ) - designed to speak to this need for an export focussed industrial zone - is located adjacent to the new Baku Port and is the focal point for the Government of Azerbaijan’s efforts to attract and grow export lead value added and manufacturing activity. The AFEZ has unique government approved legislation which allows it to offer a range of incentives and advantages that are not available to any other location in the country, including exemptions from taxes and customs duties, a one stop shop and self-regulated arbitration process. To drive the development of the new AFEZ, the government has established a new Alat Free Economic Zone Authority (AFEZA), who is responsible for all aspects of promotion, client facilitation, approvals, licencing and client development. Our economic development team is providing institutional strengthening services to support the AFEZ in this goal. Click here to view the AFEZ website.  

GARLAND are leading a design team on the project which includes Fewer Harrington & Partners (Architects), Lawler Consulting Engineers (Mechanical and Electrical Engineers) and Carron + Walsh  (Quantity Surveyors)  

GARLAND successfully delivered the Masterplan of this project in February 2020 and completed the schematic design in June 2020, on programme despite the COVID 19 restrictions. The project is currently under construction.

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