Rayadah Housing Complex

Project: Rayadah Housing Complex, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Completion Date: Ongoing
Client: Rayadah Investment Company
Project Value: €2.4 billion
Services Provided: Civil and structural engineering for detailed design of 17 buildings and their site infrastructure .
Project Size: 48,000m2

Project Description

The Rayadah Housing Complex Master Plan was designed to cater for over 60,000 people and to address many concerns such as the quality of the environment, the efficiency of the infrastructure network, the growth of employment, and housing affordability in Jeddah.

The development includes apartment and single family villas, commercial and retail, shopping malls, exhibition centres, hotel and apart-hotels and all support services to the residential areas such as healthcare centres, district shops and hospitals.  Garland were responsible for the concept and detailed design of a number of units to be developed on the site including the civil infrastructure within each building site.  The buildings were as follows: • Conference Centre • Hospital • District Shops • Shopping Centre • Apartment Complexes • Roadside Retail Units • Health centres

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