Planning, Social & Economic Development

Planning, Social & Economic Development

We offer a consultancy service to the international development community that harnesses the successful economic development model and expertise of Ireland’s Shannon Region. Located on Ireland’s west coast, the Shannon Region is synonymous with the triumph of innovation over adversity. It has served as a regional economic laboratory for testing and applying innovative regional concepts and initiatives for over 50 years.

Many of these ideas were subsequently applied on a national level within Ireland, in Europe, and worldwide. The world’s first duty free shop was opened at Shannon Airport in 1947. Other initiatives included the Shannon Free Zone (established in 1959) which was the world’s first Industrial Free Zone. People from many countries, including delegates from China with their special economic zones, came to Shannon to learn from the Shannon Experience. 

Consulting services provided include: 

  • Development of various types of industrial parks including free zones, special economic zones, business and technology parks, SME parks and incubators
  • The conduct of feasibility studies for the various types of development
  • Site evaluation from an economic and engineering perspective
  • Formulation of proposals for the development and management of the various types of industrial park concepts
  • The conduct of economic cost benefit analysis
  • Regional planning
  • Local area development 
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); including promotion and marketing; Evaluation of investor proposals; Investor support during establishment and operation; Ongoing investor liaison; Formulation of investment Promotion Strategies 
  • Designing, Developing, Supporting Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Institutional Development and Capacity Building
  • Market research and development of incentive packages compatible with WTO norms and regulations to attract selected or particular industrial groups i.e. industrial targeting
  • Economic Development Training
  • The above services have been delivered throughout the African continent

We retain close links with a large body of consultants from the Shannon Region and the wider Irish economy who have extensive practical economic development experience gained while working in various Irish development agencies. These skills, developed in Ireland and further honed on international consultancy assignments throughout the world, are available through us.

The vehicle through which we offer these services is SIDC, Shannon International Development Consultants with Tom Kelleher, a founding member.

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